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Friday, January 28, 2011

RUN! (Lets play!)

So I was planning on having some pretty tasty content delivered to ya'll this evening but time kind of ran away from me. Kind of like Toby runs from the freaking' monsters in the video! Since my last post regarding amnesia seemed pretty popular I figured I'd post it. I'ts a good way of experiencing it if you don't dare play it yourself.

Amnesia causes insomnia?

So I found out about this game called Amnesia: the dark descent. I'ts from the makers of the Penumbra series and I'ts pretty awesome to be honest. I haven't played a horror game this good since the early silent hill and resident evil games.

So after a few hours of playing the game I was browsing YouTube to relax and i came across this pretty hilarious video of some guy freaking out in over the game.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dubstep thursday

So I figured I'd start with some daily content right away. Hope you enjoy the tune for this dubstep Thursday!
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Bike Genetics

I felt I just had to post this: http://megaswf.com/simple_serve/102223/

The bike mutates every generation taking different traits of the previous one until it can cross as much terrain as possible. Not much of a game to be honest but It's fascinating none the less.

So it begins...

Welcome to Acenoids. This blog will focus on things relevant to just about any geek This blog will feature general gaming news, "let's play!" videos, MMO beta footage, Starcraft II tactics, nostalgic games and some kickass music (mainly electronic/dubstep/metal).

My ambition is to make it a one stop shop for all your interests and make sure that you always have something entertaining to do whilst you are here.Wether it be some fun stupid flash game, some interesting piece of news or a sweet new tune.